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Depression Counseling

Woman cryingThere is an assumption many people make about a person struggling with depression. They assume you can just GET OVER IT! There is an assumption you as a person with depression may make. Every counselor is trained equally to treat depression so any counselor will do. It's not true!

One of the reasons I became a counselor is to help people like you who have depression. I have been in the pit for days, weeks, months, and years hoping the "dark cloud" would just go away. I have felt the unrelenting pain in the frontal part of my head that melts away all motivation and focus on what needs to be done today. I could go on with vivid descriptions of how depression feels. You need a counselor who can relate to your pain. Call me and let's get started helping you get out of that pit!


     During my life I experienced depression intermittently but it was not relentless at that time. Fast forward to 57 years old and I had some experiences that led me to fall into severe depression. In 2013, I left a job where I had been for 13 years. I thought I would easily get a new church job but I learned that churches do discriminate regarding age. I did work at I some (tent making) jobs and started a small business to make ends meet but did not obtain a full-time opportunity. My depression quickly became severe as the bills became greater than my income and my job search just was not working. 

   Life with depression went on until April 2018. Since April 15, 2018, I have not been seeing clients, as I learned have a brain tumor and am receiving daily chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I ask you to pray for me and my family. I hope to return to my office at the beginning of November 2018. My point in sharing this is what is the relationship of the tumor and depression. The doctors deduced the tumor could have upset the hormone balance in the brain, causing depression. As I write this post, I have had a craniotomy to debulk the tumor. I then underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. During my recovery, I have had no depression at all! 

     Your depression likely is not caused by a brain tumor, but you should get a complete physical exam by your physician, and be sure to inform him/her about your depression. This is especially true if you have exhibited uncharacteristic behavior or headaches. 


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